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Meet our New Club Members

Members who earned BH or IPO Titles in 2018!!

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Club News

Welcome to Maine Schutzund Club NEW MEMBERS!

Brittany Petterson
Sean Peterson
Diana Heaton
John LaSalle
Brittany St. Amand
Furman Campbell
Grace Foley
Matt Staudenmaier

Congratulations to MEMBERS who earned IPO Titles in 2018!

Spring Trials

John LaSalle with Jato - BH
Doreen Metcalf with Whiskey -BH
Doreen Metcalf with Elle - BH
Doreen Metcalf with Storm - BH
Paula Silva with Vicktor - BH
Doreen Metcalf with Storm - IPO 1
Scot Hoyt with Flare - IPO 2
Rickie Hall with Pooh Bear - IPO 1
Rickie Hall with Chaka - IPO 1
Doreen Metcalf with Whiskey - APr 1
Bonnie Voye with Onyeka - OB 1

Fall Trials
Doreen Metcalf with Link - BH
Brittney St. Amand with Khaos - BH
Doreen Metcalf with Link - IPO 1
Doreen Metcalf with Olinka - IPO 1
Bonnie Voye with Onyeka - TR 1
Doreen Metcalf with Storm - IPO 2
Rickie Hall with Chaka - IPO 2
Doreen Metcalf with Link - IPO 2
Scot Hoyt with Flare - IPO 3
Jane Hoyt with Dargo - IPO 3
Brittney St. Amand with Havok - IPO 3

Justice for Uhdelle



We can't articulate how devastated we are at Timber Ridge (Saco, Maine). We thank everyone for their help and understanding as we piece together Uhdelle's tragic last day. She was taken from home between 9 and 9:15 Monday am. The person, discovering the GPS collar, removed it, tried to destroy it, and, we suspect, threw it in the Saco river as that is what the map indicates. The person then traveled 60/mph to Gray, abandoning Uhdelle on Egypt Road where she ran for four hours in panic and fear (per the Gray ACO), and where she was hit and killed by a car. We are begging anyone who might have seen a black German shepherd traveling in a vehicle from Buxton (Saco) to Gray or who lives in the Egypt Road (or surrounding) area to call the Buxton police (207-929-5151) or Doreen (207-602-8521). Or you can comment here as we read everything with the hope of justice for Uhdelle. We posted yesterday that we suspected she was shot because that is what a person in the neighborhood led us to believe. Some of you have already been invaluable in recovering Uhdelle's body. We can't thank you enough. Please share this post and help us prosecute the person who did this to a dog who was one of our sweetest and friendliest girls, who only wanted us to throw her ball and give her hugs. #JusticeForUhdelle


Click Picture Below to Watch U-Tube Video in honor of Uhdelle Z Timberridge Life 

In Memory of Uhdelle

Justice for Uhdelle Reward/Scholarship Fund



Timber Ridge offers a $5000 reward to anyone who comes forward (Buxton Police 207-929-5151) and gives information that will lead to the conviction of the person who stole and abandoned her 30 miles from home. We would love to raise the reward to $10,000 but we need your help. If we don't use the money as a reward, we will give it out in individual scholarships to animal control officers and animal first responders for education and Please help us bring this person to justice. Any amount you can donate will bring us closer to our goal of insuring different outcomes for dogs like Uhdelle who only just want to be home with their people. Thank you so much to the people who have already donated. None of this would be possible without us all coming together to stand together against animal cruelty.…/justice-for-uhdelle-…/