We are a dog training club. We count on our members to:

  • Club bylaws state that you must attend a minimum of 6, full training sessions in order to be voted on for membership.
  • Arrive on time so that you can walk your dog and make sure they’ve gone to the bathroom before training begins.  If you have to be late for practice, we understand!  Just do your best to give us your arrival time so we can fit you into the schedule of dogs that are training on a given day.
  • Never allow your dog to eliminate on the training field, and if you have a dog in heat, take your turn with her last.
  • Be motivated to participate during training.  Volunteer to act as a judge at training (don’t worry, we’ll teach you what the judge does if you don’t know), or be a spotter for other club members or help out in the group exercise.  Be involved!  Don’t stare at your phone while fellow club members are working their dogs, please! One of the best ways to learn is to observe others during their session on the field when it is not your turn, particularly in protection.  We’re all friends here, so you’re bound to want to chat and catch up with fellow members, but endeavor to LEARN or help more than socialize.
  • Keep your dog safely crated in your vehicle and have a means of keeping your dog warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.
  • Please don’t use the club as a means of socializing your dog.  We can make time for you to do that if you need it, but dogs should be kept crated when they aren’t working, being walked after training to help them cool down, or getting a bathroom break.
  • Help tidy up after training is done.  Don’t make a habit of leaving early without doing any tidying up, or taking the trash.  We get to use this amazing property free of charge and we should endeavor to leave it better than when we arrived whenever possible.

Whether you are new to the sport of Schutzhund/IGP not, if you want to train your dog in Schutzhund, Maine Schutzhund Club is a great place for you to start.

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