Brittany Peterson & Abruschi vom Fruhling See; BH 

Abruschi — call name Bruschi (after New England Patriots former linebacker Teddy Bruschi) — is a good natured GSD male out of Mooshka von Linienback and Udo vom Haus Safko, DOB 12/26/2017. Bruschi is Brittany’s first working dog, and in Fall 2020 he earned his BH. 
Bruschi is a combination of sweet and powerful. When working OB, Bruschi is highly engaged with his handler, eager to do the work for all kinds of reward (food, ball, and tug). Since Brittany raised him from 8 weeks old, they’ve developed a strong bond as a team. Bruschi is driven to work and eager to learn. He persists with challenges and is not easily prone to giving up under stress. During Protection, Bruschi always has his sights set on the helper. His guarding is strong and his grips are even stronger. While exceptionally enthusiastic for the work, Bruschi has matured in a “slow but steady” manner, and this has made some elements of secondary obedience and impulse control a little bit of a challenge! 
One of the notable things about Bruschi‘s temperament is his ability to easily switch from work mode and into play mode. He’s wonderfully content chasing a Chuckit! ball and greeting every person he sees with enthusiasm. This happy-to-work and happy-to-play dog is currently training with Brittany for his IGP 1.

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