Brittany Peterson and Abruschi vom Fruhling See

So, let’s just talk about women who handle and train gigantic and powerful male German Shepherd Dogs!  Judy Knapp and JAVA aren’t the only team like that in our club!  Brittany and Bru are a little oddly matched when it comes to size, but when she brought him home, he didn’t start out as a remarkably sized pup!

Bru has grown up with the club.  We’ve watched him go from teeny to huge in a blink of the eye.  One of the best things Brittany did with him is that she let everyone know from the start, when he hits the training grounds, it’s about THEM.  It’s a lesson we all could use.    You see a puppy at training and you just want to hug him if he runs toward you, but that sort of socialization should really only be elsewhere.  When you’re training a dog to work, he doesn’t need to be distracted by his friends who are observing him!

Bru is a good natured boy out of Mooshka von Linienback by Udo vom Haus Safko, DOB 12/26/2017.  Moo and Udo are very accomplished working dogs who have earned their IGP3 titles and competed at high levels of the sport.  Bru has a nice, calm grip.  He hasn’t been fast to mature, but that’s not an insult!  The thing about German Shepherd Dogs is that they can be puppies far longer than the one year mark.  Sometimes you just need to let them mature at their own rate.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and what’s the rush?

Brittany and her husband, Sean, are hardcore and humble handler/trainers at training.  They show up early and leave late.  They have lots of questions and appreciate all input into what they’re doing.  They’re regularly asked by Scott Carlson to handle a line for another dog that’s training with their handler/trainer because they have great timing, patience, and a natural ability for dog training. We couldn’t be luckier to have them as members of our club!

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