Rickie Hall and Chestr Sovi Mlyn, “Chaka,” BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, IGP 3

Rickie and Chaka earned their IGP3 at New England Regionals in 2019, with most of the club there to cheer them on.  They tied for fourth place in protection. Other notable trial performances have resulted in trophies for Chaka in High Tracking, High IPO I,  and High IPO 2.  Rickie aspires to compete at Regionals again, and says that if Chaka’s scores remain in the 90s, she would entertain going to Nationals with him.

Chaka is out of Fatty Sovi Mlyn by Fin Z Podbrdskeho Kraje, DOB 2/28/2016.  He is a serious working dog and Rickie enjoys working with him regularly, including tracking in New York for the past two years.  Chaka has great food drive, and he also enjoys protection very much.

Rickie has three other dogs that she’s worked over the years.  They are:

  •  Reika “Bear” Z Timberridge, IPO 3, High IPO3 Tracking for at Maine Schutzhund Club
  • Timber Z Timberridge, IPO3, High IPO2 at Ocean State Working Dog Club
  • Pooh Bear Z Timberridge, IPO3, High IPO2 at Liberty Working Dog Club

Like many of us at Maine Schutzhund Club, Rickie first got started in the sport because it gave her something to do with her dogs.  Once she saw how much they enjoyed it, she got addicted!

When asked what advice she’d share with someone just getting started in Schutzhund, Rickie says, “Listen and learn from those who have training knowledge, and attend seminars. Give your dog time to mature and grow, don’t rush getting titles because it could backfire.  Rewards, fun training, and playing games with your dog are SOOOO much better than corrections, however corrections have their place also especially during protection phase.”


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