Judy Knapp and Uno vom Kiebitzende, “JAVA,” BH, IPO2

image001JAVA left this world in 2021, and we don’t have the heart to change or delete this page.  He is still with us in our hearts:

JAVA holds the distinction of having amazing grips, and the ability to bark while engaged in a full bite!  If you want to learn to take a bite as a helper, Scott Carlson will put you in the blind and teach you to prepare for a bite from the most reliable dog in the club.  That would be JAVA.  JAVA’s pedigree is Kofi vom Kiebitzende and Isa von der Heidenschanze, he was born November 7, 2010, and is happily retired – as long as he gets a ‘fun bite’ once in a while.

JAVA is beloved by the club for his drive, and because Judy brings out the best in her dogs. image001

Judy met Charlie and Glenda Porter back in the day, and she says that’s when she lost her senses and decided to spend her spare time training and competing in the sport of Schutzhund.  She also enjoys meeting up with friends for target practice, a glass of red wine, or good ole fashioned board games!

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