Sean Peterson and Takota z Timberridge; BH, IGP1, IGP2 

Takota — call name Kaiya —  is a powerful, intense GSD female from Uhdelle z Timberridge and Hell vom Empire Zwinger, DOB 05/03/2015. Kaiya is Sean’s first working dog, earning a BH in Fall 2017, IGP 1 in Spring 2021, and IGP 2 in Fall 2022.

Kaiya is a combination of serious and driven. Whenever Sean and Kaiya step onto the training field, Kaiya is eager and focused. Club members and trial spectators often comment on the intensity she brings to her work. During OB, Kaiya never loses her stamina, persisting in all exercises with equal enthusiasm. She readily works for any rewards. During Protection, this petite female takes charge of the field. She has no fear as she guards steadily and grips fully. Kaiya brings the same level of drive to her tracking work, too, as she pushes through tracks hungrily hunting for articles. 

As hard as Kaiya works, she’s also dedicated to chilling out, too. When Kaiya isn’t training, she’s happiest curling up with a family member on the couch. Sean and Kaiya are currently preparing for IGP 3.

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