Sean Peterson and Takota z Timberridge, “Kaiya,” BH

Sean and Kaiya earned their BH at Inner City Working Dog Club in Massachusetts under SV Judge Bruno Kastelic-Sakoparnig.  Kaiya is a very intense female German Shepherd Dog from the legendary Uhdelle z Timberridge and Hell vom Empire Zwinger.  Bruno commented on how professional and precise their routine was.

From time to time, Kaiya accompanies Sean, who works in law enforcement.  She’s certainly fun to watch work because she doesn’t do anything “a little.”  She is always fully invested and driven.

Sean decided to start Schutzhund training when he discovered that Kaiya needed a good outlet for her energy.  He and his wife, Brittany are faithful trainers/handlers, showing up early at practice and leaving late.

Kaiya’s date of birth is 05/03/2015.

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