Team Moriah

Official Star de la Rouquine, BH

Moriah is a 4 year old Belgian Tervuren out of Dutch KNPV lineage. She is a super stable, go-anywhere, do-anything dog who is always ready to go on any adventure. She brings more to the work each time her and handler Kiersten are training and has progressed quickly. She is a super fast dog, who picks up commands fast, and seeks to please her handler. She earned her BH last fall, and is working toward her IGP titles.

Kiersten’s primary goals are to have happy, eager working dogs who love what they do and enjoy working with her. She wants her dogs to get out there and give it their best. Kiersten explains that results are great but if the dogs worked well, that’s primary. Her secondary goal with Moriah is secure an IGP1, possibly at the Fall 2022 New England Regionals.

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