Team Trigger

Scot Hoyt and Mister Trigger von Narnia

Trigger and Scot earned their IGP1 at New England Regionals in Pomfret Center, CT in 2021. This year, they went for their IGP3 at USCA Working Dog Championships, but were DQ’d (after a respectable 88 in tracking and 82 in obedience) when Trigger wouldn’t “out” after knocking the helper over on the long bite, as you can see here.

Trigger and Scot are also a trucking duo, as that’s Scot’s profession and Trigger gets to go along in the rig. They find places to exercise and train along their routes mostly across New England.

Rook Narnia von Kaltwasser by Hyro od Tyrusky, DOB 12/31/2017

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