The Maine Schutzhund Club trains at Timber Ridge Farm during specific times all year long.  If you’d like to be made aware of when we train, send an email to Doreen Metcalf, President, at

We welcome guests or visitors but please call Doreen at 207-602-8521 to inquire about training dates and times and to let her know you plan to come.

Our training day typically consists of open Obedience training beginning first (you decide what you want to work on, or you can ask for help with anything you may need to work on), with Protection to follow once our helper arrives and settles in after a couple hours of driving to reach us.  Ideally, during Obedience, we like to have no more than two teams on the field at once unless another arrangement is agreed upon.  One dog is in the long down, while the other dog is doing the routine.  During protection training, members are always at the top of the list and non members go last.

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