The Maine Schutzhund Club trains at Timber Ridge Farm at set days and times throughout the year.

A club training day begins with obedience training, followed by protection when the helper arrives at the field. Ideally, during obedience, we aim to have no more than two teams on the field at once. Typically, there are two rounds of protection. 

Can I Come Watch?

Not sure if Schutzhund is the sport for you? Ask Club President, Doreen, about when the next club training day is to come watch & ask any members your questions. If you have a dog, keep them safely crated in your vehicle and have a means of keeping your dog warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. If you would like to bring your dog out to train, please discuss your plans with a club member and the helper to identify an appropriate time. It is essential that all dogs are leashed when they are outside of the vehicle and, particularly once protection has started, that there is only one dog out at a time. 

Can I Join?

Club bylaws state that you must attend a minimum of 6 full training sessions in order to be voted on for membership. To apply, see the member application and liability form below.

I’ve Got Questions … 

To get more information about training with us, or to join the email list to be notified of scheduled training days, contact Club President Doreen Metcalf, at


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